Branislav Zivkovic, President North America and Global Chief Commercial Officer

I am Branislav Zivkovic, pronounced BRA-KNEE-SLAV – ZEEV-KO-VITCH !

I grew up in a household in Switzerland with a piano and at around the age of 5 I got my first guitar. I managed to develop guitar picking skills and memorize Fuer Elise by LVB! I enjoy enabling and listening to my 4 children as they develop abilities and embark on their musical journey.

I met the Warwick bunch in 2012 and joined the team in 2016 as President North America and Global Chief Commercial Officer.

Fun Fact: I moved to the USA in 1998 and shortly thereafter acquired my Harley Davidson, Heritage Springer Softail, DIAMOND ICE. She has been with me ever since, throughout transitions in life, as corporate gypsy on 3 continents, battery always on the trickle charger, ready to build the next memory.