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WARWICK MUSIC GROUP has been involved in music and music education since its inception in 1994 as a sheet music publisher. Innovators of the pBone plastic trombone, the world’s first plastic trombone, Now one of the leading manufacturers of brass instruments globally and an engaged audience of 2.5 million people monthly, WMG’s vision is that the world’s greatest musicians of the future will start their musical journey with us. In 2018, we introduce two exciting new products: pCornet and pTrumpet hyTech. Quality musical instrument, perfect for beginners and professionals.

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Where can I buy from

You can find our instruments in a many high-street music retail shops, check out your local store to see if they have some in stock. If you live in the UK you can buy our instruments directly from us on this website. Just click the "Buy Now" link in the main menu above. If you live outside the UK we have a dedicated dealers page that will help you locate the best online retailer for you l...
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What is the bore size on the pBone?

The pBone has a bore size of 12.7mm which is .500 of an inch. For the full technical specifications of the pBone trombone use the link below to access our product page.
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  • What is the pBone trombone?

What size is the pBone mini mouthpiece?

Our pBone mini and pBuzz mouthpiece is a unique design, aimed at young players. It's an 13C narrow shank mouthpiece with a 22mm cup diameter? Achieving the first buzz on a brass instrument is the gateway to beginning to enjoy the instrument. In this film educator and designer Chris Fower takes us through the ideas behind this revolutionary product.
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What’s the best price for a dealer?

At Warwick Music, we want to make the joy of music accessible and safe for Schools and Music Hubs so, if you're an organisation or a dealer why not set up a virtual sales call with our dedicated account manager Jonty Hines. Follow the link below where you'll be able to schedule your meeting. We also offer some product bundles designed for schools and music hubs. we're currently offering a pB...
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  • What’s the best price for if I order more?

Do you loan instruments (for a project) or give us a discount/donation off instruments?

In the past we have arranged to loan instruments to organisations or for specific projects. You can read about one such project we did for Make Music Month here. If you'd like to loan an instrument we suggest getting in touch with us using the link below. On our contact page you can even book a virtual meeting...
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Can I glue broken parts together if it gets damaged?

The problem is if you drop a traditional brass trumpet or trombone, then it could easily cost you £50/$75 to repair a dent in the trumpet valve block or trombone slide – and these aren’t skills you can do at home, Dad! They require special tools and years of experience. But it isn’t accurate to say plastic instruments can’t be repaired. They can – in fact often all that is required is some s...
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What materials do you use?

Our instruments are made from either fully recyclable ABS plastic or in the case of the pTrumpet hyTech a metal/polymer combination. At Warwick Music we believe that children are our future and by thinking differently, we can make a difference to them and the whole world. For this reason we take the environment and sustainability very seriously. Our plastic instruments are not disposable lik...
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  • What material is used for the pBugle
  • What material is used for the pCornet
  • What material is used for the pTrumpet
  • What material is used for the pTrumpet hyTech
  • What material is used for the pBuzz
  • What material is used for the pBone Mini
  • What material is used for the pbone

Are your instrument made with full plastic?

We have a range of both fully plastic and metal/polymer instruments. The plastic we use is fully recyclable ABS plastic and our instruments are designed to be very long lasting, not disposable like bags or straws. Brass instruments in contrast are actually worse for the environment, use a lot more energy as well as some pretty nasty materials in their manufacturing processes such as lead and...
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  • What sort of plastic is used to manufacture the instruments?

Can you make a left handed pTrumpet?

We often get asked if we can make a left handed trumpet. The simple answer is that the trumpet has a standard grip, it's normal for a left handed player to play with their non-dominant hand, you will hold the trumpet the same if your left-handed or right-handed. You will hold the trumpet with your left hand and press they keys with your right hand. We have a great beginner guide that will he...
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Are the instruments recyclable?

We are serious about making music accessible and fun, and consider the impact of everything we do. We also unusually make our instruments out of plastic, which our customers often ask about, so thought we would share how we look at reducing our impact on the environment.
Are the instruments recyclable?


  • Which bits of the instruments
  • Which parts of the instrument
  • How can the instruments be recycled?

What is a pbone trombone?

The pBone is a fun and engaging trombone. It's the world’s best-selling! We invented the pBone to be light weight, which aids your child’s ability to develop good technique and posture. The pBone is fantastic value for money, costing around a quarter of the price of beginner brass trombones. We made the pBone to be extremely durable and strong, and can withstand the inevitable rough tr...
What is the pBone?


  • Who invented the trombone?

Do I need to be able to read music to play pInstruments?

Learning to read music can offer an extended range of opportunities. If your child wants to join a band or ensemble and/or progress through the grading system this will be a requirement and will be covered as part of their tuition. The ability to be creative and improvise is also a great asset and can be musically rewarding. Find out more on our guide to music lessons by clicking the link...
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How to play pBuzz?

The pBuzz is a a totally new instrument. We invented it to be the fun first step to brass playing. Its the easiest way to start your trombone journey. The brightly coloured pBuzz has been designed especially for mini musician’s little hands. Its smooth edges and light weight make it easy for your child to make and hit the note every time; they can enjoy making music straight away. As this...
How to play pBuzz


  • How do you play pbuzz
  • How do you play the pBuzz

How to play bugle?

pBugle is designed to give learners their very best beginning to learning the trumpet. pBugle is essentially a normal Bb trumpet with no valves...made from plastic! The books we've created will guide you through making your first sounds and explain how the pBugle works. There are backing tracks and videos, look out for the links in the QR codes which will take you to a backing track or vide...
How to play bugle


  • How do you play bugle
  • How do you play the bugle

How to play trombone?

At Warwick Music we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make music. That’s why we’ve put together this page of resources to help any beginner start learning to play trombone and experience the transformational power of music.
How to play trombone


  • How do you play trombone?
  • How do you play the trombone?
  • How to hold a trombone?

What age can my son/daughter start to play one of your instruments?

We've written a great starter guide to help parents steer their child through the beginning of their musical journey. On our how to play trombone page Warwick Music Mum Kate Greenall shares her personal experience with us. Her son Ralph started to learn to play a musical instrument as a toddler. Kate tells us how he chose the trombone and s...
How to play trombone

Do you have music or resources to get me or my child started?

As well as retailing a range of sheet music and beginner books over on our publishing website at we've also produced a range of how to play guide. Use the the blue link below to learn how to play.
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Can I use the instruments for graded exams?

Of course! Our pBone, ptrumpet and pTrumept hyTech are all exam approved. If you want to assess your child’s progression through graded music exams, The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music has graded our instruments as suitable for exams. We know many of your students will have been working towards graded exams or special performances during the Coronavirus outbreak, and it is ...
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Who should I talk to in case a quality issue arises?

We sometime get asked "Will I need to pay a professional repairer for my pInstrument?" Our pInstruments are designed to be durable, lightweight and of course fun! You can also find all the spare parts you require at our online store. There's no need to pay a professional repairer! It’s really important to us that you get the best exp...
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What’s easier to learn trumpet or trombone?

As manufacturers of trumpets and trombones, we are often asked which of the two is the easiest to learn! In this article we compare learning the trombone to learning the trumpet. We answer questions like, "which one is going to be easier for you? Which of the two instruments' sound and music do you love the best? Which instrument is a good 'fit'? And which musical role suits your personality?"
Which instrument?

How long does it take to learn an instrument?

How quickly can I get good? The time taken to learn a note does depend on each individual child however, most children are able to play a solid note on a brass instrument within a couple of lessons. Working towards a piece will take a little longer but regular practice will definitely help to speed this process up! Your child should be able to play a 3 note tune within approximately 6 weeks.
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How do I start learning from scratch?

Warwick Music Mum Katie Ruigrok tells us all about the music journey her eldest son has taken while starting to learn to play the trumpet. In this informative interview Katie discusses some of the challenges she faced and how the rewards of learning to play a music instrument have paid off in terms of a sense of achievement and developmental benefits for her child.
Music Lessons

What’s the best age to learn an instrument?

What age can my child start playing a pInstrument? Taking music lessons at any age, old or young is of great benefit and this is supported by a wealth of evidence in the clinical and psychological professions. For most of us an early introduction to these benefits occurs through school music lessons. Taking this further through private musical instrument tuition will super-charge these life...
Music Lessons

What do you think of online music lessons?

There are a lot of opinions, information and videos on the web about learning a musical instrument. That’s because finding a great, instrumental teacher to guide, inspire and lead your child is one of the most important aspects in helping them develop as a musician.
Online Music Lessons

What are the different types of trumpet?

The B♭, piston valve trumpet is by far the most popular trumpet and the one most players begin learning how to play trumpet on. Like all brass instruments however, the B♭ trumpet is part of a whole family of trumpets ranging from the tiny Piccolo Trumpet, which is half the length of a B♭ trumpet to the big Bass Trumpet which is twice as long as the normal B♭ instrument. Some trumpets use the lo...
Types of Trumpet

What is a trumpet?

The trumpet is the oldest and most popular member of the brass instrument family. The trumpet has been around in some form since for over 1500 years, in fact trumpets were found with the Pharos buried in ancient Egypt. By far the most common type of trumpet is the modern Bb trumpet. This instrument was first invented about a hundred and fifty years ago and hasn’t really changed that much sin...
What is a trumpet?


  • How do trumpets work?
  • How does a trumpet make a sound?

My child wants to learn trumpet. Where do I start?

Like every mum, our very own pMum, Katie wants the best for her children,  "I strive to ensure I am providing them with opportunities that will both support them and further their development. I have three young boys, each very different. My eldest son is now 7 and is thriving, both academically and generally in life, you know – an all-rounder. Thinking back to reception it...

Where do I start?

Why did we make the pBugle?

After the success of the ground breaking and innovative brass training instrument pBuzz, we found after talking to customers and trumpet based teachers that while they really welcomed a simplified training instrument for brass, they didn’t feel an affinity with the pBuzz in the
Why did we make pBugle?

How to play trumpet?

In this beginner guide for those starting their trumpet playing journey we kick off with a blog article written by our very own Warwick Music Group Mum Katie Ruigrok, who recently went through the process of locating music lessons for her son, we’ll discuss some fundamentals about how a trumpet works and the different types of trumpets, then we’ll delve into some practical lessons to get you st...
How do I play the trumpet?


  • how do you play the trumpet
  • how do you play trumpet
  • I ordered 10 of these for a boys brigade group aged 7 – 10 and they love playing them. The instruments are robust and easy to play. the pBuzz website has lots of resources, lesson plans and music to download. The boys at our company have given them the thumbs up!

    Robin W.

  • Our 5 classes blew the roof off the music department – quite literally! – when they got to use the new pBuzz instruments. Simple and easy to play, the mouthpiece makes it the perfect introduction to brass playing for early learners.

    Prior Park Prep School, Wiltshire, UK

  • My 5 year old is delighted and everyone is trying to guess what song she’s playing. Excited to see her future as a brass player

    Marcus M.

  • I took a pBuzz to Leeds College of Music last week to show my line manager what it was because I’ve bored him silly about it, and there was an actual fight amongst grown men over it!! All the lecturers wanted to have first go! Hilarious!

    Elizabeth S

  • We have one very happy little girl!!! My husband and I both grew up playing music, and we are thrilled to be able to introduce our three young kids to brass instruments at such young ages!

    Matilda D.

  • Finally a quality intro to musical instruments for my child! The pBuzz!

    Mommy's New Groove

  • “pBones and pTrumpets are a perfect choice for our project work. They are light which greatly assists with posture as well as being simple to use and robust. pBones and pTrumpets were integral in giving the children in this project such an excellent start in their musical journey”

    Ian Rowe, Principal - Bromley Youth Music Trust

  • It’s amazing the pTrumpet, I found it in an instruments store in Mexico City! I’m thinking to buy de pBone!!

    Gerardo B.

  • I just walked into Hugo Helmer Music in Burlington, Washington and to my amazement, witnessed a plastic trumpet being sold in their store.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  They encouraged me to play it and was stunned by the tone and sound that I got out of it.  These are so awesome and sooooo affordable.

    Rob S.

  • As a community-level, gigging trumpet player (R&B, pop, blues, rock), I’ve come to love the pTrumpet. For some blending tunes, I actually prefer it and fellow band members appreciate that it is a bit “quieter” and mutes well. Adds variety and fun, gets noticed as part of the wardrobe so to speak.

    Gary M

  • I think the pInstruments are very useful learning tools for schools and every brass player should own at least one. I have a pTrumpet and my brother has a pBone. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a pBuzz as well!

    Daniel C.

  • Excellent product to get students excited in playing brass. Everybody loves them!

    Elena C.

  • “pBones and pTrumpets are a perfect choice for our project work. They are light which greatly assists with posture as well as being simple to use and robust. pBones and pTrumpets were integral in giving the children in this project such an excellent start in their musical journey”

    Ian Rowe, Principal - Bromley Youth Music Trust

  • “My pBones have paid for themselves over and over again.”

    Helen Minshall, Leading UK Music Educator

  • I have had very good experiences with the pBone mini in the last four years. Students can now start from 6 years old and the smaller mouthpiece works well with the register of the alto trombone. It’s almost indestructibility is also very convenient when teaching large groups..:-)

    Martien de K.

  • Congratulations for the quality of your instruments. This is great to help kids to get involved in music.

    Bertrand E.

  • My daughter loves playing her pBone!

    Gail F.

  • The lightweight factor can’t be beat when working with the younger students and I’m always so impressed with the sound quality! I even have my own personal pBone (even though I actually play the oboe) just because it’s so much fun to play!

    Katie Valentine, 4th Grade Beginner Band Leader & Teacher

  • I have used mine for nearly a year, and it is a very enjoyable instrument to play.

    Luke S.

  • I love the pBone… it’s such a gift you have given the world! Plastic trombones for everybody!

    Trenton J.

  • Congrats to your company for making this category of instruments accessible to enthusiastic littlies. I have no doubt my daughter will progress to the pBone Mini then pBone as she gets older!

    Melissa B.

  • We’re loving the pBuzz. It’s working especially well in after school club. We have some keen and budding brass players!!!

    Hilton Primary School, Derbyshire

  • I first came across pBuzz at Musicport Festival in the children’s section. It was love at first blow!

    Rod C.

  • Congratulations on this great product!

    I am playing the trumpet for 25 years and just out of curiosity bought a pTrumpet 2 1/2 years ago. Other than the regular Trumpet, the pTrumpet is always around. On the couch, the kitchen table or the floor and I do not have to care about dents or scratches. To have the trumpet everywhere around and not stored in a protective case is a great plus.

    Bruno S.

  • As a professional musician, I have played lots of brass horns but as I got older (85) my Besson was just too heavy for me. I basically retired from playing. When I picked up the pTrumpet I was reborn. It’s so light I’m in the process of getting my chops up!!!!

    Bill T.

  • We’re very happy with our pTrumpet. My daughter would never have been able to start trumpet without it. She is simply too small to bear the weight of a brass trumpet.

    Autumn D.

  • Just wanted to say how much I like the pTrumpet. Myself and our trombone player were given a pTrumpet and pBone as a present a couple of weeks ago and I have been using it for our gigs and it has been great!

    Ian C.