Morrison: Carols for Twos – Treble Clef Brass

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This volume contains 30 of the best known Christmas carol tunes arranged straightforwardly for two brass instruments in the same key reading from the treble clef: the tune is always in the first part, the second part is only slightly more difficult that the first. They are compiled in alphabetical order so you can find your favourite quickly. Ideal for those December lessons or short performances at the school Christmas concert! This version is compatible with the trombone bass clef version (TB934), thus trumpet and trombone (reading bass) can play the duets using both books.

SKU: TR073
Composer: Missing; Anonymous; Konrad Kocher; William J. Kirkpatrick; William H. Cummings; Felix Mendelssohn; Gustav Holst; Arthur Sullivan; James Lord Pierpont; Lowell Mason; John Francis Wade; Lewis Redner; Henry John Gauntlett; Sir John Goss; Franz Xaver Gruber; Cecil Sharp; George Frideric Handel; John Henry Hopkins, Jr.
Arranger: Ian Morrison
Difficulty: Intermediate
Instrumentation: Trumpet Duet (Bb Tpt)
Range: F3-F5