Outreach Projects

We have already created and supported many successful out reach projects bringing hand-on experience of trombone learning to hundreds of people around the world. From music festivals and professional orchestras to chamber ensembles and individual musicians, pBones’ unique strengths have made it the trombone of choice for this type of work. pBone mini extends our reach to younger and younger trombone players, boldy going into age groups never touched by trombone playing before.
Organisations using pBones in outreach include the Royal Albert Hall, the South Netherlands Philharmonic, Bones Apart, Slidin’ About, the Deal Festival and the Greater Manchester Music Hub.
Click the image to see some fantastic work by “Mr pBone”, Mark Boonstra of Holland’s New trombone Collective.


pBone provides a uniquely informal access to experiencing what it is really like to play a brass instrument, making it great for introducing the instrument and breaking down barriers to involvement. We have delivered workshops for UK music services, arts organisations, music institutions and for the private sector in schools and companies. The first experience of making a sound on a trombone without a worry about damaging the instrument is truly liberating and brings making music and having fun to the fore. We have delivered workshops to many schools around the UK and for organisations including, numerous Music Hubs, the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival, the British Trombone Society, the Music Masters Association, The Music Show, Music Expo, Music for Youth Festival and the NAMM Foundation in the USA.

Professional Development

In order to support our partners and colleagues in the music education sector we offer professional development sessions for teachers and performers, focusing especially, but not exclusively, in large group settings. Our workshops cover key areas such as: workshop deliveries, integrating vocal work in to brass learning, informal learning, composing and improvising, teaching music in the language of music, planning for musical learning, effective first steps for brass players and improving trombone teaching for non-trombone playing brass teachers. These sessions are tailored to the needs of the audience and the organization. The activities are predominately practical and can be aimed at groups of teachers or at teachers working in their classroom environment and are backed up by a wealth of materials.
We have worked with many individual teachers, Music Services and Hubs throughout the UK and are now spreading our reach abroad into Europe and the USA.