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Fairview Parents Register for BETT Asia

Fairview International Schools parents must register here to attend the performance at BETT Asia    

pBone mini MP3 Backing Tracks

Backing tracks to our pBone mini book pBone mini Backing Tracks (Zip)

pBuzz MP3 Backing Tracks

The MP3 backing tracks to some of our pBuzz tunes sheet pBuzz Backing Tracks (Zip)

pBuzz Karate

Dawn Forsythe, Director of Bands at Jefferson ITS, has created pBuzz Karate which splits our tunes in different colours and students receive “belts” for moving up levels in their playing. pBuzz Karate

Introducing the pBuzz into the General Music Classroom (Webinar, October 2017)

The pBuzz is an incredible new instrument for all ages that matches perfectly with all the other instrumental music you incorporate in your elementary program. The pBuzz qualifies for the 2017 TMEA Grant. Jenny Dees and Keith Dye will be leading you through an engaging demonstration and discussion. We will share experiences, material and be […]

Special Children Article: Music making becomes inclusive with plastic instruments

When Gethin Thomas came across light and robust plastic instruments, he realised that at last he could give SEND pupils access to the delights of brass music. Music making becomes inclusive with plastic instruments at Canolfan Addysg y Bont. Read the article online [PDF]

ITV News: Children at a school on Anglesey are discovering a love for music

Children at a school on Anglesey are discovering a love for music – after a instruments were donated by kind-hearted musicians. Ten pBones were given by Warwick Music Group to a school in Llangefni and a new brass band – or should that be, plastic band – was formed. For many parents, this was the first time […]

pBuzz in Australia – meet Julie

pBuzz in Australia – meet Julie

Discover the joy of music in seconds, learn to play in minutes and enjoy for a lifetime – pBuzz, a completely new musical instrument, is now available in Australia. Originally a music publishing company, Warwick Music Group (WMG) diversified to become makers of a series of internationally acclaimed and award-winning plastic music instruments. The innovative company’s […]

pBone users get 6 months free ITA membership

pBone users get 6 months free ITA membership

We are delighted to have teamed up with the International Trombone Association to offer an exclusive and free 6 month trial ITA membership for all pBone users. The International Trombone Association is the largest association of trombonists with 4,000 members from 74 countries. Formed in 1972, ITA is a registered non-profit organization and their mission is to promote the […]