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David S

This is an excellent instrument for early learners. My four-year-old grandson can hold this instrument without any problem as its light, comfortable and easy to blow. He is already able to produce a reasonable selection of notes for his age. Looking forward to his progress over the next few months. He is absolutely delighted with


Sian C

This Trombone is AWESOME! My son LOVES it. It is very effective at helping a little person to learn what would be very very heavy for someone so small (he was 5 years old when we bought it). His music teacher thinks they are the business. Highly recommended if your little one chooses a heavy


Mrs J

An absolutely brilliant beginner instrument – my daughter LOVES it (as do I!) The tone and flexibility of it are great and the slide movement is even better than on the larger pBone.


Mrs H

My daughter loves this. It’s a very good instrument for a beginner without the huge outlay of cash.


Sarah K

Great little Eb trombone.Plays beautifully and is as light as a feather.It caused huge excitement at school!


Michelle M

Great little trombone for kids


Jacqueline R

Bought them for my grandsons who are four year olds. Think that they are a great way to introduce children to music and sturdy enough to still be around if they get serious


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