How do I stop pTrumpet /pCornet valves from sticking?

If you find the valves are sticking we recommend the following:

  1. Remove each piston and clean and dry the piston and inside of the valve casing with a lint free cloth. If you have used oil previously, remove all oil thoroughly from the piston and inside of the valve casing.
  2. In the early stages of use, some wear of the piston surface is normal and extra cleaning may be needed as the valve system beds in.
  3. Ensure there is no obstruction or plastic residue inside the valve casing itself, especially around the ports. You can run your fingertips inside the valve casing to feel for any rough edges.
  4. When playing pTrumpet, hold the valve block with a relaxed left hand as excessive tension in the hand-grip may cause compression of the valve casing and sticking of the valves.