How to play trumpet

how to play trumpet Quick Start Guide Here's our guide to playing the trumpet, it's perfect for beginners. This first step guide can be used to get you started on any kind of trumpet. No matter what material it is made from, this guide will hep you play your first notes on the brass or your new pTrumpet.

Trumpet Breathing

This is the heart and soul of trumpet playing. Take a relaxed deep breath and blow out through your lips.

how to play trumpet Trumpet Breathing
how to play trumpet Trumpet Buzz & Play

Trumpet Buzz & Play

With the mouthpiece in the middle of your lips, create a hole in your lips and blow air through it. If you slowly make the hole smaller as you blow the buzz will begin! Add the mouthpiece to your pTrumpet and repeat the process to make your first sounds

Hand position

This is the most common way to hold the pTrumpet in your left hand – firmly grip the valve block between your thumb and index finger. This is the most common way to place your fingers from your right hand on the pTrumpet’s valves and unique little finger rest.

how to play trumpet Hand position

Trumpet Players Start Here
Guided by Matt Kingston & Steve Legge

Learn to play the pTrumpet