Little Kids Rock, Rockfest 2017

Little Kids Rock invited Warwick Music Group to present and participate in the 2017 Rockfest for Modern Band in Fort Collins, Colorado from the 28th to the 31st of July. In total about 400 music educators and administrators attended the conference. David Wish, the LKR Founder, and his team have already achieved exceptional results since 2002. LKR has worked in over 2300 schools, donated over 75,000 instruments and now operates in 200 Districts in 37 States.

On Friday we were able to join the Higher Education Workshop and District Arts Supervisor meetings. Chris introduced the pBuzz and over 25 participants played the instrument during the session. At the poster session on Sunday we teachers could discover the full range and potential of pInstruments. On Sunday, “Adding pBone to your Modern Band Ensemble” workshop was scheduled to be held by Melisa Rutkelis (CPS Chicago) and Chris Fower. Whilst only 35 delegates registered for the session, 62 came along on the day! Chris had the room bursting with pBuzz in the first 10min. Each of the sixty-two participants played pBone & pBuzz and left with their own pBuzz, you can imagine how the hallways sounded after our session.

The LKR team is growing allowing them to expand their activities, bringing the joy of music learning to more and more children across the USA. Little Kids Rock and Modern Band are also currently going through a re-naming process, so we’re excited to see how our friends re-brand themselves. Congratulations to all the LKR team for putting on such a great event and thank you for having us; and special thanks to Melisa who continues to show in her classroom every day how pInstruments can transform the lives of children across America!

“I had a totally awesome time at Rockfest. It was inspirational and a joy to see the whole of our session rocking out on pBones!”

Chris Fower – Director of Education, Warwick Music Group