Matt Pope, Operations Director

Hi, I’m Matt. Music has always been around me my whole life; my dad, granddad and even great grandad were all musicians. The first instrument I played was the piano at the age of four; I started playing the trumpet aged 13 and haven’t put it down since! I still play and teach now.

I joined Warwick Music Group in 2011, but music has always been a passion and hobby. I don’t know yet if I have passed on my musical talents to my children, although my eldest has just recently joined a choir which he loves, and my middle one doesn’t stop singing all day. As long as I can show them a passion and enthusiasm for music, I’ll be a happy man.

My most unforgettable memory so far was playing my trumpet at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time and meeting and playing with the late Roy Castle! I now live back in the village where I grew up, Measham in the English Midlands, with my three children and wife Becca.

Fun Fact: Aside from music, my other interest is cars, I love them!! I have a collection of 14 cars in total- mainly classic British sports cars- and I own a split screen VW campervan.