Meet our pPal…Phil

Phil Doyle, Financial Controller

Phil began working at Warwick Music in April 2014.

He has worked in finance for 27 years, and during this time has worked in a broad spectrum of industries – however the manufacturing of plastic instruments has to be one of the more unusual things he has accounted for…

Phil looks after all things finance for WMG.  He enjoys the role as given the global reach of the business there are often quite complex transactions around financing production overseas.  Over the coming months, Phil will be working to further streamline the accounting function so that reliable and accurate financial reporting can be produced on a timely basis.

If you were an instrument what would you be and why?

“If I was to be an instrument – I would be the euphonium. At primary school there was a limited supply of brass instruments which had to be shared across the entire school. I wanted to have a go at learning the euphonium but other children always got there first. Consequently I never learned how to play a musical instrument. I find a certain irony in the fact I now work for company which produces instruments which are affordable for schools – and this can ultimately mean more children get the opportunity to learn!”