Kay Charlton: Are You Ready? pBuzz

Welcome to Are You Ready? These tunes are in a variety of styles, with lyrics, actions and space for improvisation and copy-backs. Starting with simple one-two note tunes, and moving on to four-five notes, this book will aid creative music making and progression for whole class ensemble teaching. The tunes are designed to be taught be ear and all have words so that the melodies can be learnt by singing first. “Miss, this song is sick!” – year 4 pupil

These tunes and backing tracks have been thoroughly tested on my year 4 trumpet class – ‘Lay down the Bass’ was a particular favourite!

Each backing track has two versions – the first is with a trumpet guide, the second is without the guide. Each tune has a two-bar count-in on snare drum and the same two-bar count also signals the end of the solo section. As the repertoire was originally written for trumpets, the backing tracks have been transposed to the right key for pBuzz. 

To download the backing tracks click on the Soundcloud link.