Primary School pBuzz Project

Year 1 and 2 pupils at Hilton Primary School, the largest primary school in Derbyshire, took part in a pBuzz Project this year. As pBuzz celebrates its first birthday this summer, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to look back at their journey.
Designed for little hands, robust, colourful and fun, pBuzz is the perfect instrument for classroom use. Chris Fower, our Director of Education at Warwick Music Group, supported Hilton Primary School’s Mrs Hart, deputy head, and music coordinator Ms Pardoe to enable 30 pupils to begin their brass playing journey.

“There’s no shying away from the sound of the pBuzz and once the children learn to embrace it there’s no stopping them! Everyone has the chance to sing and play on their own and no-one has said no yet.”
Ms Pardoe, music coordinator


With the help of resources online, Ms Pardoe and the Year 1 teaching assistants planned the children’s first steps with pBuzz. They learned to play as individuals as well as in a group, exploring the range of notes and learning about rhythm and pitch. The children played in concerts in front of family and friends and are now working on tuned pieces for their next performance.


“It is an asset to the children’s musical understanding to use a tuned  instrument. We have seen a huge improvement in the way the children listen and respond in music lessons and play together as a group.” 
Ms Pardoe, music coordinator

The resources available are designed to help non-music teachers deliver sessions easily, and part of WMG’s education programme is to provide all the necessary support (see the pBuzz handbook).