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pBone Mini Trombone

The pBone mini is a fully functioning Eb alto trombone constructed in ABS and glass fibre. With all the benefits of the Jiggs pBone but smaller and lighter.

pBone Mini Trombone


Like the Jiggs pBone, pBone mini can take knocks, bumps and scrapes in its stride. It is strong enough to allow beginners to explore the trombone without the need for lengthy ‘do’s and don’ts’.


At less than half the weight of a brass alto trombone the pBone mini is ideal for those who find it difficult to deal with the weight and balance of a metal trombone. The pBone mini opens the door for many more people to start their journey into the incredible world of music.

pBone Mini Trombone
pBone Mini Trombone


Just as with the original pBone, the composite slide tubes lap in over time; this means the slide gets better and better with use.


The pBone mini’s unique mouthpiece is smaller in diameter than that of any other trombone mouthpiece we know. It allows children to play a wide range of notes as well as being great for trumpet players who want to double on the pBone mini for teaching purposes.

pBone Mini Trombone
pBone Mini Trombone

Water key

pBone mini shares its unique water key design with the Jiggs pBone.

Lockable slide

pBone has a lockable slide that features a graphic to ensure the locking process is clear and simple to all.

pBone Mini Trombone

How to play

Let us help you: with hand and slide postions, improve your playing skills and breathing technique, setup your pBone, learn about buzz and play and find downloads to help you further.

See how to play
7-inch Bell
Weighs 1.8 pounds
Bag included
Lockable slide
Pitched in Eb
Water key
Plastic Material
2 colours Available
pBone mini, small shank


The pBone mini has been designed to allow hands of various shapes and sizes to find a comfortable, effective grip.

This is especially true for the small hands of younger children who can choose from a variety of left hand positions including a “pistol grip” for good lower arm posture. The light weight of pBone mini means that supporting the instrument is not a problem for even the youngest of players.

Carefully shaped components encourage good posture and the correct positioning of the thumb whilst discouraging the use of the right hand to support the weight of the instrument.


ABS coloured parts are extremely durable and our unique one-piece bell and gooseneck design is extraordinarily strong. The glass fibre slide tube is immeasurably more durable than fragile brass tubing and will withstand knocks, bumps and scrapes that would demolish a brass trombone slide.

pBone mini is not indestructible but like its larger counterpart it is certainly the most durable and robust trombone ever produced!


With fewer ‘do’s and don’ts’ and no shouts of “be careful!”, pBone allows teachers and pupils to leap into the learning experience in a more natural, informal and fun environment.

Currently available in bold blue and striking red, the pBone mini is incredibly lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to get to grips with; so start making some sounds and let the fun begin!


Around the globe pBone is having a profound influence on the delivery of brass learning. Children are enjoying the immediacy that pBone brings to the learning experience, whilst scores of teachers are using pBone to engage young children with the trombone as never before.

Now pBone mini can extend this range to younger children. Mini’s smaller size and light weight construction alongside the new mouthpiece design allows children as young as 3 years old to start learning the trombone.

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pBone mini represents remarkable value for money. With its quality of manufacture and playability, there is little that offers a comparative entry point to playing the trombone.

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