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Trombone learning resources, digital sheet music and accessories for the pBone

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How to play trombone

How to play trombone free learning resources

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Mark Nightingale: 20 Jazz Etudes (bass clef)

Best-selling book and CD featuring studies in the styles of the Jazz Greats. To download the backing tracks click on the Soundcloud link. SKU: TB164 Composer: Mark Nightingale Difficulty: Advanced Instrumentation: Tenor Trombone; CD () Range: A1-D5


Ian Bousfield: Unlocking The Trombone

In this book, I will show to you the exercises, the methods, and the techniques that I use now and have used to bring me to where I am today. It is a kind of autobiography of trombone learning and practice routines. These, then, are the things that I use, and the methods that I


Pete Gane: Circuit Training

My book Circuit Training (1997) was written to help encourage the student and teacher to develop both the physical and mental approaches of an instrumentalist in a one to one lesson, group or mixed ensemble. In Circuit Training Volume 2, I have written down most of the core games, exercises, patterns and ideas that have


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