Progression in Brass Learning through Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 (Music Mark North West Teachers Conference, September 2017)

Chris Fower explores progression in brass learning through KS1-3 including:

– When and how best to introduce brass skills and what these skills might be, with particular emphasis on large group and whole class learning
– Exploring the key, core skills needed to form a foundation for brass learning
– Reflect and review how to organise and accredit early skills development
– Our instruments and the educational reasoning behind their construction and design
– How pInstruments provide a coherent progressive pathway in brass learning
– Map the importance of successful outcomes in foundation skills for future success
– An opportunity to focus on the delivery of early instrumental skills in the language of music
– Discussion about existing practice and sharing both success and challenge in this area

Watch the “Progression in Brass Learning” workshop with Chris Fower