pTrumpet & pCornet Education

Just Play Treble Clef Brass

This teaching resource has been designed for both small group and whole class teaching. It is divided into “steps” rather than weekly lessons as groups of children learn at different rates. Learn how to play trombone.

Treble Clef Brass Trombone

pTrumpet for Educators

pTrumpet for Educators [PDF] – this presentation provides a context for the use of pTrumpet in an education setting, including the history of pTrumpet development and a general view of education uses. [Deutsch]

Quick Start Guide for pTrumpet

A quick and simple guide to get you started on pTrumpet with backing tracks.
PDF Backing Tracks

How to Hold a pCircle (Presentation & Videos)

This presentation is a blow-by-blow guide to presenting the pBone circle plan. It includes video examples from a variety of practitioners work around the world about how to play trombone, each making the concept into their own, using largely informal practice.

PDF PDF (Deutsch) Videos