pTrumpet hyTech Limited Warranty (European Economic Area)

Thank you for selecting your PTRUMPET HYTECH (“Product”) manufactured by WARWICK MUSIC LIMITED (“Warwick Music”).

Our Products are designed and manufactured to provide a high level of defect-free performance. We are proud of the experience and craftsmanship that goes into each and every instrument. Warwick Music sells its Products through a network of reputable, specially authorised dealers and is pleased to offer you the following Limited Warranty, which applies only to the Product that has been directly purchased from one of Warwick Music’s authorised dealers.

Limited Warranty
Warwick Music Limited warrants to the original owner-user that this Product will be free from defects in material or workmanship. This warranty is limited to 24 months from the date of original purchase, whether or not actual use. Should manufacturing or material faults become apparent within the warranty period, Warwick Music will repair or replace the Product within the geographical area covered by the warranty. We will cover the costs of labour and materials in case of repair or replacement.

How to Report a Problem
If you have any problems, questions or want to offer feedback on any of our Products please click here to contact our customer care team here.
Call our UK-based Service Team on +44 2476 712081
Contact us via or our social media channels.

When contacting us with a warranty problem please provide the following information:

  • Copy of proof of original purchase from a music retailer
  • A precise description of the defect (including pictures or videos where possible)
  • The serial number, located under the pipe connecting the VB to the main tuning slide

Warranty Conditions

  1. The Product must have been purchased from a dealer within the EEA or Switzerland and approved for operation within Europe.
  2. Defects are eliminated either through repair or replacement at Warwick Music ‘s discretion. Warwick Music covers the labour and material costs for either repair or replacement. This does not result in an extension of the warranty period. Additionally, this does not result in a refund or reduction of the original purchase price. Warwick Music can only be held liable for losses or damages with regard to the repairing or replacing of a product. Compensation for any other damages is not covered.
  3. Should Warwick Music choose to replace the product, then the replacement product has to be identical, of similar kind and/or value.
  4. Any transporting of the product related to the warranty process is done so at the risk of the sender.
  5. This warranty does neither affect the legal consumer rights and the effective and applicable laws of the individual countries, nor the consumer rights against the dealer resulting from the purchase agreement.
  6. Excluded from the warranty are:
    1. regular product maintenance of products, such as tuning of instruments and intonation;
    2. repairs caused by normal wear on parts;
    3. replacement of wear parts which have to be replaced regularly during normal product use or over the product’s lifetime or that have to be replaced regularly to warrant proper operation, such as, in particular but not exclusively, springs, felts, o-rings, lubricants etc;
    4. damages or defect caused by improper use of the product including the use of the product for any other than the intended purposes or handling contrary to Warwick Music’s instructions for proper handling, maintenance, care, or storage or;
    5. damages or defects caused by improper installation or handling of the product in any way in violation of the technical or safety standards of the country in which the product is used, or
    6. damages or defects during maintenance and care caused by disregarding the maintenance and care instructions;
    7. damages caused by accidents, force, lightning strike, liquid, fire, unsuitable ventilation, deposits of foreign substances (e.g. nicotine), or battery leakage, or any other imponderable risks that Warwick Music can neither predict nor influence;
    8. repairs, technical modifications, or maintenance carried out by the customer himself or non-authorised third parties;
    9. improper packaging or handling during transport from the customer. (Please note that proper packaging of products submitted for repairs is the responsibility of the customer.); and
    10. defects in systems to which the Warwick Music product is connected and/or any incompatibility with the products of other manufacturers.

Making a Warranty Claim

  1. As proof of purchase a copy of the original invoice or receipt has to be included with the defective product (the proof of purchase has to contain the purchasing date, the product code, and the name of the dealer). Warwick Music reserves the right to refuse free warranty service and to send the product back at the customer’s cost, should such a definitive proof of purchase be missing.
  2. A precise description of the defect needs to be included with the product.
  3. There can be no warranty claim if the serial number of the product has been altered, removed, or rendered illegible.
  4. The customer may either contact a Warwick Music dealer who is authorised to distribute the product type in question or directly approach Warwick Music at
  5. This warranty does not cover transport costs or transport risks resulting from submitting the product to Warwick Music.

Warranty Limitations and Exclusions
Warwick Music is not liable for losses or damages, material or immaterial, such as lost profits, earnings or data resulting from product defects. Furthermore, Warwick Music is not liable for damages occurring on the transport between dealer and customer. Warwick Music does not grant a warranty for products that have not been maintained properly or where maintenance has not been carried out by qualified technical personnel. Warwick Music is not liable for consequential damages resulting from improper maintenance of products.

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