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Welcome to our collection of resources for brass music education.

During the ten years of our exciting journey, bringing plastic brass instruments to the world, we have collected and generated some great resources for brass instrumental learning, now we’ve brought all this together in a searchable database. These resources cover ages from the very youngest beginners playing their first notes to retired returners or late starters, but the theme is strongly centred about how to begin or restart your brass playing journey, learning to play trumpet or trombone.

You can browse by broad type; one-to-one, small group, whole class or by teacher training or pupil specific use. You can also search the whole data base which is especially useful for finding specific instruments, pieces or authors.

We have new pieces and backing tracks, first lessons, introductions to brass playing, teacher training sessions, lesson plans and schemes of work, arrangements and how-to-play books. Some resources are matched to specific national curricula and learning targets whilst others, like our BrassTabs, are totally new and innovative in their approach.

We have materials that have been the result of our direct authorship and collaborations but also work that we’ve curated from the best of brass pedagogy from all around the world. Not only do we want to share this material with the brass and music education community but also would love to create a great space for brass teachers, music educators, composers and players to share and champion their work.

All-in-all we want these pages to be a vibrant and exciting place to browse and search the best and most innovative materials for brass learners and teachers from around the world. Advanced players and more established learners will find a whole wealth of materials to buy on our publishing arm’s site: Warwick Music Publishing.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch in order to comment, share or contribute to this resource which is, and will always be, free to use for the benefit of brass teachers, pupils, players and learners everywhere.

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pBuzz Resources for Primary Schools

As part of our award-winning resources for education we're delighted to share a free scheme of work that covers the entire National Curriculum for Music at KS1 that includes a full set of music resources with lesson plans and assessment trackers.

Examples & Case Studies

The benefits of integrating music into primary school curriculum are far reaching, and impact on many areas of school life.