• I love the pBone… it’s such a gift you have given the world! Plastic trombones for everybody!

    Trenton J.

  • The lightweight factor can’t be beat when working with the younger students and I’m always so impressed with the sound quality! I even have my own personal pBone (even though I actually play the oboe) just because it’s so much fun to play!

    Katie Valentine, 4th Grade Beginner Band Leader & Teacher

  • “pBones and pTrumpets are a perfect choice for our project work. They are light which greatly assists with posture as well as being simple to use and robust. pBones and pTrumpets were integral in giving the children in this project such an excellent start in their musical journey”

    Ian Rowe, Principal - Bromley Youth Music Trust


  • I have had very good experiences with the pBone mini in the last four years. Students can now start from 6 years old and the smaller mouthpiece works well with the register of the alto trombone. It’s almost indestructibility is also very convenient when teaching large groups..:-)

    Martien de K.

  • I have used mine for nearly a year, and it is a very enjoyable instrument to play.

    Luke S.

  • My daughter loves playing her pBone!

    Gail F.

  • Congratulations for the quality of your instruments. This is great to help kids to get involved in music.

    Bertrand E.

  • “My pBones have paid for themselves over and over again.”

    Helen Minshall, Leading UK Music Educator