Trombone Slide & Brass Tabs

pBone and pTrumpet are ideally suited to working in a rock and pop band setting, so I wanted a quick and simple way to help pupils join in with these styles of music, mainly by ear. I wanted to create material that is useful in an informal learning setting and that needed no traditional music reading skills.
I began working in partnership with USA charity “Little Kids Rock” and Melissa Rutkelis from the School District of Chicago this is what emerged from our collaboration:

Brass Tabs is not a method or a “how to play a brass instrument”, neither is this meant to replace traditional notation or trombone slide charts.

It is intended to help teachers make brass playing more fun, more quickly and engage a wider range of pupils in brass playing.

The tabs are intended for use with the original tracks or in a band setting as an aide to playing by ear. If you were to try to learn the riffs from the tabs alone, as you might with traditional brass notation, this would be quite hard! So please remember these tabs are to aid, informal, ear-based learning, not to become a poor relation to existing band parts!

On these tabs you can display the following information; Slide positions and valve combinations, some basic technical help with “operating” a brass instrument, an insight into how brass instruments work.

This is by no means a finished resource and I warmly invite all to comment, contribute, edit, adjust and use with only one request: that you feedback and share your successes and failures by emailing, so we can all develop Brass Tabs into really useful tool for getting more and more brass players engaged and rocking!

Chris Fower, WMG Education

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Trombone Slide Chart as Tabs Vision

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